Cascale Verification and Training Programs

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Verification improves the consistency, comparability, and credibility of Higg Index data. It also reduces the need for multiple, proprietary audits for facilities so that resources can be effectively used in other areas, such as performance improvement. By measuring and verifying sustainability performance, the industry is able to identify and address hotspots, drive industry transformation, and achieve transparency. Through collectively verifying sustainability data, Cascale members and Higg Index users can address the urgent, systemic challenges together.

Higg FEM Verification Program

The Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) is a transformative tool used to assess a facility’s environmental impact. This tool captures every stage of the production process – from water use to waste management, to chemical and energy use.

The Higg FEM Verification Program provides an accurate assessment of a factory’s self-assessed responses. Higg FEM verifications support sustainability goals for brands and factories on compliance, impact metrics, and improvement practices.

Only Cascale-approved Verifier Bodies can conduct valid verifications. Competency and other VB requirements are provided in the Higg FEM VB and Verifier Requirements Protocol. To learn more about Higg FEM verification, please visit the below resources:

Higg FEM Verification Program Resources:

Higg BRM Verification Program

The Higg Brand & Retail Module (Higg BRM) aligns with relevant frameworks and regulations in the industry, such as Textile Exchange’s Material Change Index, and the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Brands to Zero program. In doing so, brands and retailers can build consistent corporate sustainability strategies to deliver more effectively on their ESG goals and industry needs.

The Higg BRM Verification Program ensures Higg BRM data is credible, trusted, and able to be communicated publicly. The verification process is similar to other sustainability report assurance/verification processes and is based on standard assurance frameworks.

Only Cascale-approved Verifier Bodies can conduct valid verifications. To learn more about Higg BRM verification, please visit the below resources:

Higg BRM Verification Program Resources:

Higg FEM Training Program

Cascale has developed a program to approve third-party training bodies who provide onsite and online Higg FEM training to facility members and users.

To learn more, please visit the resources below: