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Learn how this European outdoor brand uses the Higg Index to foster transparency and collaboration with value chain partners.

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August 20, 2020

“The key to sustainability is transparency. That’s what we like about using the Higg Index tools. We hope that as an industry, we can move towards the same goal because the consumer at the end wants information that is true. If everyone doesn’t use the same tool, we won’t be able to achieve that”

— Celine Mazars, Senior Materials Manager, at Salomon


With a deep love for the outdoors and a strong sense of community, French sportswear brand Salomon called on the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) to assess the environmental performance of manufacturing footwear, the company’s largest product category, and integrate sustainability into operations across their supply chain. Approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative in 2022 of a 2019 baseline, Salomon’s goals include 50 percent absolute reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for scopes 1 and 2 and a 30 percent absolute reduction for scope 3 by 2030.


Salomon works closely with  Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers, including fabric mills, dye houses, and outsole manufacturers, to implement sustainability best practices and further transparency. This collaborative approach not only improved communication with suppliers but also served to engage them in partnership, paving the way for lasting change in the industry. Within the first three years of adoption, all of Salomon’s Tier 1 finished goods manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India now leverage the Higg FEM to measure and enhance their operations.


The company takes a unique and playful approach to sustainability through its Play Minded Program, making social responsibility accessible to employees and value chain partners, and strives to inspire their community to responsibly connect with nature – inspiring individuals to become agents of positive change. believes in a common language for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions and envisions a future where the entire industry adopts the Higg Index for trustworthy sustainability information.


Amer Sports, Salomon’s parent company, is also a Cascale member and represents numerous international sporting goods brands, like Arc’teryx and Wilson.

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