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Learn how one of the world’s leading and most innovative garment and fabrics manufacturers has achieved remarkable results on their journey towards a nature-positive and people-centric future.

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November 07, 2023

People are our most precious asset, and the Higg FSLM helps us measure the effectiveness of our practices and work toward a best-in-class employee experience. Similarly, we leverage the Higg FEM as our guide to weave purpose into every thread of our operations. Our journey is a testament to the power of dedication, collaboration and innovation in transforming not just our business but the entire industry.”

– Quentin Thorel, Group Head of Sustainability at CIEL Textile.


CIEL Textile, an industry pioneer in sustainable practices, recently completed a purpose-driven transformation with remarkable results. With a strategic focus on fostering a nature-positive future, and ensuring decent work for all, their 2023 impact is indeed impressive.

In 2019, CIEL Textile implemented the Higg Facility Social and Labor Module (FSLM) and Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) tools across all of its 19 facilities, which employ 23,000 talents. Three years later, the impact is clear: CIEL Textile achieved a verified FSLM score of 85 percent and an impressive average FEM score of 88.4 percent – with some locations exceeding 90 percent. 

Meticulously tracking and monitoring sustainability metrics using several digital tools such as the Higg Index, the group tripled its investment in dedicated sustainability resources across all 19 facilities. This investment significantly impacted recruitment, working hours, wages, health and safety and more, emphasizing CIEL Textile’s commitment to improving the lives of its employees. 

CIEL Textile’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond its own operations: the group actively encourages its brand partners and stakeholders to align and adopt the Higg Facility Tools, avoiding not only audit duplication, but also empowering them, fostering a shared commitment to industry-wide sustainability. The group has already achieved its 2030 target of eliminating coal from its supply chains and is on track for goals related to carbon, water, waste management and circularity – including environmental improvement projects such as conserving and regenerating natural ecosystems and installing rainwater harvesting systems. Looking ahead, CIEL Textile aims for a verified Higg FEM score of 95 percent at all of its factories by 2025, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to driving sustainability and positive change in the apparel industry.

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