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Read how this global materials science company sets the standard high, with cutting-edge adhesive technologies and materials that inspire packaging trends across industries and around the world.

August 26, 2016

“We strive to be a force for good that creates long-term value for all of our stakeholders, which means innovating and operating in ways that have a positive impact on people and the planet. The Higg Index suite of tools is critical to setting targets and achieving our sustainability goals.”

— Helen Sahi, Director of Sustainability, at Avery Dennison


Avery Dennison is at the forefront of sustainability and innovation in the packaging industry, but a primary challenge is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address waste generation and disposal. The company’s SAC membership and use of the Higg Index have been instrumental in addressing these sustainability challenges by setting ambitious goals: A 3 percent annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that achieves a 26 percent reduction by 2025, and reusing, repurposing, or recycling at minimum 75 percent of waste to become landfill-free that same year.


To achieve these goals, Avery Dennison is investing in efficient and renewable energy sources and materials and seeking innovative partnerships across the supply chain to drive improvements in energy efficiency and waste reduction. A true partner, the company participated in SAC working groups, contributed to the development of the Higg Index, validated their scores through the Verification Pilot, and used the Higg FEM to reduce audit fatigue.


By deploying a system of wireless energy meters to obtain real-time facilities consumption data in order to make data-driven decisions, Avery Dennison achieved a more than 10 percent energy reduction at pilot sites. They are now implementing this approach at their largest manufacturing site in China, where the program will drive progress toward the company’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. As a Cascale member, Avery Dennison continues to collaborate, share knowledge, and work collectively to drive broader systemic change across the industry, ultimately creating a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

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