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Photo of Amina Razvi on stage at the 2023 Annual Meeting
November 15, 2023

San Francisco, Amsterdam, Hong Kong – November 15, 2023: Today, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) announced its CEO, Amina Razvi, will leave the organization as of December 29, 2023. As the organization enters a new phase of growth and expansion to adjacent product categories, she and the Board of Directors have mutually agreed the time is right for her to step away and for the Board to identify a successor. Razvi worked with the Board to lead the organization through significant growth and development of key strategic partnerships during her tenure, including but not limited to:

  • A new strategic plan in 2021, refocused in 2023 to prioritize sustainable impact at scale, providing clear direction for the SAC.
  • The doubling of SAC’s membership since 2019, exceeding 300 organizations, strengthening our collective influence for industry transformation.
  • The further evolution of the suite of Higg Index tools with over 24,000 organizations adopting the tools, facilitating standardized sustainability reporting worldwide.
  • A threefold increase in the SAC’s global team since 2019, bolstering its capacity, expertise and global presence to deliver on the SAC’s mission.
  • Successfully managing the Worldly spin-off in 2019 and overseeing plans for the Social & Labor Convergence Program spin-off in January 2024, creating a more robust ecosystem of partners and positioning the SAC as an agile, adaptable organization.
  • Establishing key strategic partnerships with organizations like Apparel Impact Institute, Textile Exchange, ZDHC Foundation, Worldly, The Industry We Want, and Global Fashion Agenda, driving deepened collaborative efforts to address industry challenges that are too big to solve alone.

Over the past decade, Razvi’s tireless commitment played a pivotal role in the SAC’s significant achievements and positive impact that it has had on the apparel industry, and the SAC Board and staff are grateful for her guidance. Through the end of December, Razvi will continue to work with the Board and the global team to support a smooth transition. During the transition, the SAC Executive Team will oversee day-to-day operations and key strategic initiatives, providing stability and guidance and ensuring that the organization’s ongoing commitments are maintained.

In addition, a dedicated Transition Taskforce will be overseen by Tamar Hoek, Chair of the SAC Board and Senior Policy Director of Sustainable Fashion at Solidaridad. There will be no changes to the organization’s mission, values, or direction, and members and partners – as well as the SAC’s global team – will be engaged at every step of the transition, reflecting the spirit of transparency that is an organizational hallmark. Finally, no staffing, Board, or leadership changes are anticipated as a result of this development.

Amina Razvi, outgoing CEO of the SAC, said:

“When I joined the SAC eight years ago, it was because I saw an incredible opportunity to drive positive industry transformation at scale. From the very beginning, it was clear what this organization and community were capable of, working as a catalyst for industry collaboration. In that time, we’ve come a long way together: We’ve doubled our membership, launched a new strategic plan and forged key partnerships, tripled the size of the SAC team, increased adoption of the Higg Index across the value chain, and achieved so much more.

“Partnership and community has been at the heart of our success. I wholeheartedly  believe that partnership is the new leadership, and together, we’ve demonstrated what’s possible. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

“But reflection is paramount, and as I step down from my role as CEO, I am excited about what lies ahead. The journey doesn’t end here; there are new opportunities and challenges on the horizon, and, while I will take some time to recharge and spend more time with my family, I’m eager to continue working on the issues I’m deeply passionate about. I look forward to the next opportunity to drive meaningful change, and positively impact people and the planet.”

Tamar Hoek, Senior Policy Director Sustainable Fashion, Solidaridad, and Chair of the SAC Board, said:

“The entire Board and I wish to express our gratitude to Amina for her contributions over the past eight years. As we bid her farewell, we take a moment to reflect on her outstanding achievements and those of her dedicated team. Their collective efforts have positioned the SAC for an exciting next chapter in its evolution.

“During her tenure, Amina played a pivotal role in uniting the industry and strategic partners, paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible future. Her accomplishments include the development of the SAC’s updated strategic plan, the establishment of new membership requirements, remarkable growth in both membership and the SAC team, and a host of other achievements. With great enthusiasm, we commend her dedication and the strong foundation she has laid, which will enable the SAC to expand its influence across the consumer goods industry.”


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About the Sustainable Apparel Coalition:

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is a global, non-profit alliance of over 300 organizations in the apparel, footwear, and textile industry. Initially formed to create standardized sustainability metrics, the SAC has sharpened its focus to driving pre-competitive, collective action across three foundational pillars. As an independent entity, the SAC brings together brands, retailers, manufacturers, NGOs, academics, and industry associations to combat climate change, ensure decent work, and contribute to a nature-positive future. Central to the SAC’s mission is the Higg Index, a suite of comprehensive tools that empower members to measure, evaluate, and improve sustainability performance across the supply chain.

LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTubeToday, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) announced its CEO, Amina Razvi, will leave the organization as of December 29, 2023.

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