Cascale, Worldly Stress Need for Ingrained Data Intelligence on GFS Mainstage

  • Global Fashion Summit
June 05, 2024

Last month, Jeremy Lardeau, senior vice president of the Higg Index at Cascale, formerly the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, joined a panel at the Global Fashion Summit, in Copenhagen.

The discussion focused on deepening understanding on the complexities of quality waste, water, and greenhouse gas emissions reporting, as well as the role of collaboration to address this challenge. The importance of leveraging data insights to move the industry forward was key throughout.

Muchaneta ten Napel, founder and chief executive officer, Shape Innovate, moderated the panel session titled “Reshape, Rethink: Innovating Data.” In addition to Lardeau, the panel included Scott Raskin, CEO, Worldly, an impact intelligence platform and the exclusive platform for the Higg Index tools, and Atnyel Gued, chief product officer, Made2Flow.

Lardeau shared the broad and complicated nature of the industry and emphasized the critical role of data intelligence to drive progress across the fashion industry. He added that brands and retailers have sophisticated data intelligence to support revenue growth that can be used as a blueprint. Lardeau explained the complicated reality of carbon emission reduction and addressed the need for a different collective, pre-competitive approach. He emphasized the importance of data and intelligence for the industry to figure out how to deliver on the impacts of carbon reduction.

Lardeau noted the progress the industry has made in deepening alignment. “In five years we won’t talk about data, because it’s part of how we do business. What we will talk about is industry aligned action on specific, challenging measures that help us get to our climate ambitions.”

Scott Raskin, CEO, Worldly showcased the Facility Data Manager, the organization’s new tool geared toward enabling factories to track performance data monthly. He stressed the importance of environmental data disclosure, asserting, “Brands have to capture environmental data and they will need to report and disclose. This enforces the need to deploy tools. It’s not a choice.”

Finally, all three panelists called for the continued collaboration across the industry with Made2Flow’s Atnyel Gued asserting, “Don’t be afraid of your supply chain”.


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