United in Vision: Reflections on the SAC 2023 Annual Meeting

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Annual meeting stage with speaker
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Lee Green
October 12, 2023

In the aftermath of the invigorating New York Climate Week, our entire organization came together to ensure the success of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s (SAC) Annual Meeting. The magnitude and depth of this event was not merely a reflection of our organizational prowess but a testament to the expansive vision SAC embodies.

The gathering of over 500 attendees, spanning both Boston and the digital realm, under our guiding theme of “Evolution for Impact,” underscored the importance of our mission. Every department, every team member, contributed to this annual, flagship moment for our global membership, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to foster a more just and sustainable industry.

The groundbreaking collaborations announced, including our alliance with the International Apparel Federation and the inception of the Manufacturer Climate Action Program (MCAP), set a firm tone for our agenda.

Our CEO Amina Razvi truly captured the essence of our collective ambition. The path to achieving our goal of a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 isn’t paved with mere intentions—it demands tangible results. This resonated deeply and was a continuation of the messaging we heard in New York. Intention is no longer enough.

The Annual Meeting was structured around three stages that define our revised strategic approach to delivering greater impact at scale: Climate, Nature, and Decent Work. These stages allowed us to dissect and delve into the multifaceted challenges and opportunities our industry faces, ensuring a holistic perspective on sustainable transformation.

From an enlightening keynote by Helen Crowley, Managing Director at Pollination, to dynamic panel discussions, we traversed these key topics, offering a panoramic view of our industry’s potential. Our collaboration with Worldly emerged as a consistent thread, highlighting the value of strategic partnerships. Their commitment to enhancing the Higg Index tools further enriches our quest for sustainable evolution.

The introduction of our new SAC Board members, reflecting our parity-driven approach, added depth to our event, showcasing the expertise steering our future initiatives.

As Shyla Raghav, Chief Climate Officer at TIME, drew the event to its conclusion, her words encapsulated our journey and vision: the future of fashion is unfolding, and together, we are its sculptors.

Expressing my deepest gratitude to every individual within our organization, our attendees, sponsors, and partners: your passion and dedication have been instrumental. A special acknowledgment also to the Global Fashion Agenda for their unwavering behind-the-scenes support.

With our eyes now set on Munich for our 2024 Annual Meeting, the insights and momentum from Boston fuel our onward journey.

Together, we champion an industry that’s equitable, restorative, and continually innovative.


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